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Lean Analytics for Educators

Lean Analytics has been extremely popular with startups, intrapreneurs in large organizations, and educators.

Your book is going straight onto my MSc Tech Entrepreneurship reading list.” – Dave Chapman, Vice-Dean for Enterprise UCL Engineering; Deputy Head of Department, Management Science & Innovation; Director MSc Technology Entrepreneurship

Since the book’s release we’ve had dozens of educators ask if we had content they could use in a curriculum. The structure of the book lends itself to a prescriptive model with clear stages, but until now, there hasn’t been much additional content for teachers to work with.

Welcome to Lean Analytics for Educators!

We’re making significant parts of the book available, DRM-free, in the hope that you can use this to help students learn how to build better businesses, and actually do it! This content is designed to be used alongside the text itself, but breaks it up into convenient resources.

So what do you get?

  • Color diagrams of the six business models we discuss in the book.
  • A PDF with all of the case studies in the book, assembled into a single file.
  • A slide deck in Keynote and Powerpoint formats, containing much of the content we use to teach workshops and run sessions at events.
  • A master table that shows metrics for each of the stages and business models in one place.

With the Lean Analytics for Educators bundle you’ve got a great starting point for incorporating Lean Analytics into your curriculum, and you can easily shape the content for courses on business, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and more.

Oh, and all of the content is free.

Free content is great! But what’s the catch here?

There’s no catch. We hope you’ll incorporate Lean Analytics into your curriculum, and if you do so, we can help students get a discounted rate on textbooks (just let us know!)

Croll and Yoskovitz extend our understanding of Lean management by bringing rigorous measurement techniques to a new frontier: the earliest stages of new product development and launch. If entrepreneurs apply their frameworks, they should see reduced waste and big improvements in startup success rates. – Thomas Eisenmann, Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

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