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  1. 1,000 (How we’re validating the opportunity for Lean Analytics book)

    When Alistair and I first started promoting Lean Analytics, we set ourselves a target of adding 1,000 subscribers to our mailing list by the end of August. At this stage of promoting the book, the “Number of subscribers” is our One Metric That Matters, and one thousand is our line in the sand. Some might […]

  2. How To Score Problem Interviews During the Lean Startup Process

    If you’re a fan of Lean Startup, you know about Problem Interviews. They’re the part of a startup where you first go out and speak to people you think might be customers, and try to determine if they have the problem you want to solve. This post isn’t about the interviews themselves—there’s a ton of […]

  3. The One Metric That Matters

    One of the things Ben and I have been discussing a lot is the concept of the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) and how to focus on it. Founders are magpies, chasing the shiniest new thing they see. Many of us use a pivot as an enabler for chronic ADD, rather than as a way […]