Analytics Lessons Learned: Free e-book with 13 case studies

The book is coming soon! It will be available in March from a variety of places.

You can pre-order it on Amazon so you get it as soon as it’s ready. We hope you’ll do that!

Analytics Lessons LearnedIn the meantime, we wanted to share some great stories from the book (and some that aren’t in the book), so we’ve put together an e-book called Analytics Lessons Learned.

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The e-book includes case studies from a variety of companies including Airbnb, SEOmoz, Backupify, Sincerely, Swiffer and EMI. The companies are at various stages — some are still building an MVP, others are large, multi-billion dollar corporations. And we even have a church in there! Yup, Kingsway Church, thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Ernie Prabhakar, is converting and applying Lean principles and Lean Analytics to how they operate. We were first connected to Ernie through his blog where he talks about how churches need to get more practical and analytical to succeed.

The book, Lean Analytics, has over 30 case studies, so this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on. But we’re confident you’ll find a lot of value in these stories, and look forward to your feedback.

So with that, please check out Analytics Lessons Learned by signing up below. Thank you!

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