Minimum Viable Cover

What’s an MVC? One of the fundamental concepts in Lean Startup is the idea of building just enough to test your idea. That’s usually a Minimum Viable Product: only what you need to validate—or shut down—your assumptions. Sometimes, companies use a curated MVP, which means there isn’t even a real product behind the scenes, just a bunch of founders simulating the product to understand whether they’ve found a real need to satisfy.

Lean Analytics will come out in early 2013. We don’t know what the cover will look like. But we want to make it clear that it’s a book, and we know who’s writing it and what it will be about. So our homepage has a Minimum Viable Cover at the moment. As we experiment with content and branding, and talk with hundreds of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, we’ll know more about the book.

For now, please enjoy our MVC.