Lean Analytics and the One Metric That Matters: A Presentation for Acceleprise

Alistair and I are starting to take our proverbial show on the road. We’re “getting out of the building” to share some of our material, test it, and collect feedback. Build ➔ Measure ➔ Learn applies to books, too, and to presentations.

Yesterday I did a presentation for Acceleprise, a Washington, DC-based accelerator that’s focused on B2B startups. The presentation is embedded below.

There are a couple useful references/resources in the presentation:

You will start to see the evolution of the material we’re working on for the book: how Lean Analytics fits into Lean Startup, the One Metric That Matters, how to find the right metrics, how to balance gut and analytics, and so on.

Parts of the presentation are very visual, so some of the meaning may be lost, but hopefully it’s helpful and interesting enough that you send us feedback, ask questions, and (if you haven’t already!) sign up for future updates on the book.

Lean Startup Machine Montreal

On Saturday, I presented at the Lean Startup Machine event in Montreal, along with Jeremy Edberg (Reddit, Netflix, eBay) and some others. Several of the people were in town for the International Startup Festival.

It was the first time I’d talked about the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) in public, and the feedback from the audience was good. Admittedly, these folks were in the very early stages of their startups, spending the weekend getting out of the building in order to understand what was going on, so some of the later, more strategic, metrics weren’t as relevant.

We’ll get into what makes a good OMTM shortly; for now, here’s the deck, fresh from our shiny new Slideshare account.