Share your Lean Analytics story with us!

We want to make sure our book is chock full of case studies and stories from people that are using analytics and Lean Startup on a daily basis. We want to provide real numbers –where possible– so you can benchmark yourself and your startup or project against others. The more people share with us, the more we can as a group help each other and improve practices around Lean Startup and Lean Analytics.

With that being said, if you have a story, case study, anecdote or number you want to share, please do so!

Here’s our brief survey:

It should take ~10 minutes to complete. In return, we’ll buy you a beer (or another drink of your choice.) That’s assuming of course that we get to your city or meet you in-person somewhere (we’re not sending beers through the mail or sending out “free beer” coupons … sorry!)

A few things to remember:

  • We’re happy to keep things anonymous, so just tell us you want it to be that way in the survey.
  • The more specific you are, the better. If you can share real numbers with us – KPIs, benchmarks, targets, etc. – that’s fantastic. Again, if you don’t want us to share your name or company name publicly, we can hide that.
  • We may publish your stuff in our book. And if you don’t want it to be anonymous, we’ll thank you several times over publicly. Fame and fortune … here we come!
  • You’re genuinely going to help a lot of people. That’s a big deal.
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