Great feedback about Lean Analytics

The positive feedback we’ve gotten about Lean Analytics has been awesome. Not everyone thinks the book is great (that’s fine, Alistair and I have thick skin, and we know it’s not perfect!), but for those of you that have read it and shared your feedback with us, thank you.

I wanted to share some of that feedback with everyone, to give you a sense of how people are reacting to the book. It’s interesting to see what resonates with different audiences. The reviewers are a mix of entrepreneurs, marketers, analysts and more. You might also discover some new blogs that you find interesting…

  • Lean Analytics Book Holds Secret To Quickly Building A Better Business by Kevin Kauzlaric. (I couldn’t have written a better headline myself!) “For all this book has provided me with, I sincerely believe this might be the best book for entrepreneurs in 2013. I think you ought to read this book at least once and probably should have a copy handy for when you change your OMTM as you successfully move along in your startup or new business project.”
  • Lean Analytics: Snapshot Review by Christopher Millard. “There were a number of small but important facts scattered throughout the book that elicited a small “huh” from me as I read. For example, I learned the speed at which a user invites a friend to try a service is an order of magnitude more important than the number of friends he or she invites total, and without taking this speed into consideration the Viral Coefficient is relatively pointless.”
  • Book Review — Lean Analytics by Christa. “Owning a copy of Lean Analytics is like having a management consultant / cheerleader / truth sayer right by your side every step of the way. Get it and use it well.”
  • Practice to Theory and Back Again by Matt Heusser. “There is one chapter that is worth its weight in gold [in part, about the Lean Canvas], that has broad general applicability. It is advice on how to define and position your business, regardless of if you are a startup, an IT shop, or a lawn mowing service.
  • Book review: Lean Analytics by Marc Abraham. “Lean Analytics is a great book for anyone who wishes to learn more about validating an idea, building the right product and measuring growth.”
  • Book Review – Lean Analytics by Richard Brock. “Lean Analytics is packed to the rafters with great real world examples making it easy to translate theory into practice. If there is one book you read this year that will accelerate you I would recommend Lean Analytics.”

Thanks again to everyone that’s bought the book, read it and shared their feedback. Alistair and I really appreciate it.

We hope to have more stories from people that have used the book to improve their businesses in the near future. Those anecdotes and case studies are starting to emerge, which is very exciting for us, and will be worthwhile to share as additional examples that can help everyone.

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