Lean Analytics Sweepstakes Complete! Big Winner Announced

The Lean Analytics sweepstakes was a great event with thousands of dollars in prizes from a bunch of great companies. In total we’ll be giving away 56 prizes ranging from t-shirts to a free trip.

Prize winners were selected at random.

If you won a prize you were notified by Twitter or email, so please check those carefully. I’ve heard back from a lot of the winners, but not all of them. I’ll reach back out in another week or so to those remaining winners that didn’t respond.

The grand prize is a free trip to the International Startup Festival in Montreal. It includes a free ticket, $1,500 for travel/hotel and a few other goodies.

So who won?

Our grand prize winner is: Damian Matheson!

damian mathesonDamian (@iamdamian) is a 23-year old entrepreneur living in Toronto. He got the entrepreneurial bug thanks to attending the Digital Specialization program at Ryerson University (inside the Digital Media Zone). Previously, he was studying Criminal Justice at the University of Guelph.

Damian is the co-founder of FoodStory, which aims to bring farmers’ markets online and into the 21st century. Consumers will be able to log onto the website, see a profile of each of the attending farmers/vendors at the market, connect with them, learn their story (so they know they’re truly supporting a real local farm), and then see what will be available.

“Ultimate, we are creating a service that allows consumers to receive a completely customizable weekly box of farm-fresh goods right from the farmers’ markets, delivered right to consumers doors,” says Damian. “Think of it as a customizable, multi-farm online shopping experience with a strong emphasis on the connection between consumer and producer.”

Congrats Damian, and congrats to all the other winners!

Let me thank each and every one of you for buying Lean Analytics–the response has been awesome. Alistair and I are blown away and really appreciate it.

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