The sweepstakes is over. Winners will be announced soon!

The bigger was announced on April 10th —

The Grand Prize

Get ready to have an amazing time in Montreal at Startup Festival in July (10-12). It’s a beautiful time of year and we’ve got everything you need to enjoy one of the best startup conferences around. You’ll get:

  • A free ticket to Startup Festival (~$400 value)
  • Free travel and accommodations (up to $1,500)
  • A private dinner with the speakers (Past speakers have included Dan Bricklin, Dave McClure, Chris Shipley, Sean Ellis and more! This year’s lineup is going to be incredible too.)
  • Free ticket to the Lean Analytics workshop day (to be announced)
  • 2 hours of consulting with Alistair and Ben

Other Awesome Prizes!

We have a ton of other great prizes that will go to the winners. Here they are:

Lean Analytics prizes

  • Clearfit: 3 gold bundles for free to help you find and assess the right talent.
  • Geckoboard: 6 month extended free trial (or 50% lifetime discount if you’re already a customer) for five people (+ free data-driven culture report coming soon!)
  • Leap Motion (sponsored by Backupify): The folks at Backupify are offering up a super cool Leap Motion Controller.
  • Freshbooks: Free account for 1 year
  • Totango: Free account for 1 year
  • Chartbeat: Free account for 1 year + t-shirts + stickers
  • Hockeystick: Lifetime free account
  • SEOMoz: Three months free of their PRO account (for 3 winners)
  • KISSmetrics: One lifetime free account and two other accounts at 50% off
  • WP Engine: Lifetime free personal account
  • Flowdock: Free account for 1 year
  • AgileZen: Free account for 1 year
  • Static Pixels: 10 free pictures (10″ size) for ten winners
  • Lean Analytics: 20 t-shirts (design forthcoming!)

Some Rules and Other Things

  • Winners will be selected at random. We’ll @ message you, DM you, or email you if you’ve won.
  • We will need your email address and possibly physical address if you win. So you’ll have to agree to give us that if you win.
  • You can only enter once.
  • You can only win one thing.
  • None of the prizes can be converted into cash.
  • Please keep the #leananalytics hashtag in tweets, it makes them easier to track.
  • If you email us that you’ve bought the book we probably won’t respond, but trust us, your entry is recorded.
  • If you have questions, contact us

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