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  • http://hashimwarren.com/ Hashim Warren

    I recently used a a few buttons to nowhere and measured which ones were clicked the most.

    I should have used a form on the other side! Next time I will.

  • Ursula Saqui

    Hi, I have to take issue with your view that surveys are “farthest from the truth.” Sure, people lie on surveys. They also lie during in-person interviews. And sometimes their behavior doesn’t always tell the whole truth.

    The point is: no data collection method is perfect and should be taken with a grain of salt. Better yet, collect data using a variety of methods and see where there is alignment/misalignment.

    I also think your comment is pretty ironic considering you are willing to mock up a landing page and ask people to pay for something that doesn’t exist. 😉

    Notwithstanding my comments, I love the testing process of the lean methodology.

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  • http://Editblink.com Gabriel Moss


    Thank you for such a valuable and insightful post! What a treasure of distinctions. I see how a button-to-nowhere can test some features I have been puzzled as to how I could introduced without actually building. Yet, the mindset you’re applying is the true gem here.

    With Appreciation,