An Introduction to Lean Analytics Webinar

Recently, I did a webinar through O’Reilly on Lean Analytics. It was an introductory guide, covering a lot of what we’ll be including in the book. I got some great questions as well, which validated some of what Alistair and I have been thinking about content-wise for the book; where we need to include more information and address specific concerns people have. For example, I got asked a few times about how Lean Startup and Lean Analytics applies to enterprise startups and companies. I also got asked how to know if you’ve hit product-market fit.

The presentation is now on Slideshare and embedded below:

As well, you can get a recording of the event here: (requires registration) The webinar follows the basic structure of the book (although at a much higher level.)

Incidentally, you can get the Early Release here:

The Early Release does get updated as we write more content and submit it to O’Reilly. Right now it’s quite short, but you can expect an update that has ~60% of the book (unedited) soon. So if you get the Early Release, you will get updates and more content and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the final version will look like. Having said that, Alistair and I are still writing tons, editing and iterating.

  • Yoshitani Norimichi

    currently your book has 35 pages, so we can expect maximum 55 pages and so on? mmm… i realized that converting idea into words is so hard procedure since your webinar and slide was very good… anyway i bought it, hope more greatness! *smile*

    • Ben Yoskovitz

      Yoshitani – First, thank you for buying the Early Release.

      Secondly, the book is going to be 250+ pages — a full, “regular-sized” book. The Early Release is just that … early, and we wanted to release it quickly to get feedback and build momentum + interest. A new update to the Early Release should be out soon (next week I believe) and everyone that purchased the Early Release should receive an email. It will contain 150+ pages of content. So that’ll give you a much better idea of what we’re doing with the book, and hopefully you’ll like it!

      • Yoshitani Norimichi

        Hi Ben,
        Yes, exactly the book is on early release – i should have care for that more deeply, I receive updated notification from o’reilly few days ago and I am fully satisfied, excited and enjoyed this early release experience!
        Thank you 🙂

        • Ben Yoskovitz

          Thank you Yoshitani – glad you like the update. It would be great if you could post a review at – those help us a great deal now that people have access to a longer Early Release.

  • Alistair


    The book on our hard drives right now is over 200 pages. The one in the “early release” has just been updated (to about 130 pages, I think.) The O’Reilly Early Release program gives readers access to parts of the book as they’re written. But the 35-page version you’ve read is only a tiny portion of the whole book.