Lean Analytics workshop at the Lean Startup Conference

Yesterday, Alistair and I did our first workshop at the Lean Startup Conference. The event itself was fantastic. I thought the content from the speakers was incredible.

The workshop was a fairly deep dive into the content of the book. The process of converting the book to slides started with Alistair making nearly 400 slides. We condensed that down to 166 slides, which is still a lot of content, but we felt it was manageable. We didn’t get through all of it, but that’s OK. The interaction with participants was great. We got some amazing, important questions and lots of insightful and meaningful feedback. So thank you to everyone that attended.

We’ve uploaded the presentation to Slideshare and included it below. Hopefully it helps those that attended with remembering what we talked about, and for those of you that weren’t there it’s going to give you a great sneak peek into the book.

As well, it’s now possible to pre-order the book from Amazon: Get Lean Analytics now!

When you pre-order the book it will be delivered to you as soon as the book is released (which should be in March/April 2013.) Thank you!

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