Get a Sneak Peek at Lean Analytics Book

To-date, Alistair and I have written a total of 43,964 words for the book. We’ve actually written a lot more, but we’ve cut a bunch of stuff, and put a bunch of stuff on the blog too. But the book right now stands at that word count. It’s a decent number of words. We’re about 50% of the way there –at least with an overall draft– and there’s going to be a lot of editing and refining along the way.

We’ve always wanted to share with people, as much as we can, throughout the writing process. With that in mind, we’re releasing a draft of our first few chapters for everyone to read (and hopefully enjoy!) Please note: this is largely unedited. Alistair and I have edited the work but it hasn’t gone through any serious review process. And you can expect considerable change when the book is finally launched, but we want your feedback right away. We’re eager to hear from you on what you think of the approach, the tone, the ideas and the overall content.

All you have to do is click the link below:

Download the sneak peek of Lean Analytics book (pdf)

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All feedback can go through our site:

Please share this with your friends and colleagues. You are free to distribute the sneak peek to anyone you’d like; the more distribution the better. Sharing this blog post with others is greatly appreciated as well … now we’re ready to start ramping up our marketing efforts. And one last thing, pre-orders of the book will be available soon.

Thank you!

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