Get an Early Release of Lean Analytics Book!

lean analytics early release book coverLast week we released a sneak peek of Lean Analytics, sharing a few chapters.

Today you can buy an Early Release copy of the book!

Buy it now >>>

The Early Release copy in digital format means you’ll get updated versions as we write the book. The content will be fairly raw and unedited, but you’ll get access to it way before the final release. As we write content and post it into the Early Release, you get it.

Ebooks from are DRM-free. You get free lifetime access, multiple file formats, free updates. And now you get Dropbox syncing too.

You can also pre-order the final copy in paper format.

This is a big step for us as authors–we can now see if the early interest from people translates into early purchases. And we can push the digital copy on a constant basis to people and get ongoing feedback.

Take a look at the Early Release and … feel free to buy *smile*

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