Introducing the Lean Analytics Backchannel

Lean Analytics has been out for 3 years. It still amazes me how often people reach out to let us know that they’ve enjoyed the book. More importantly, people tell us that it’s helped them. And that’s awesome. Alistair and I wrote Lean Analytics to help people. We weren’t quite sure how good a job we would do, but I think it’s turned out fairly well.

Having said that, we’ve always felt like there’s more to this story than the book. We’ve done a lot of speaking engagements (and continue to do so!) and we’ve presented lots of material, but the world of analytics and Lean Startup continues to grow and evolve. A book isn’t a great medium for shifting ideas, new concepts, more exploration and so forth.

And that’s why Alistair and I are excited to launch the Lean Analytics Backchannel.

Lean Analytics backchannel header-SMALL

The Lean Analytics Backchannel is a private community of sorts (which we’re going to build initially off Slack and a few other tools) to bring together Lean Startup and Lean Analytics enthusiasts and practitioners. We want to go beyond the book and continue to explore how Lean Analytics can help startups and businesses of all sizes succeed using data.

The Lean Analytics Backchannel will be a direct line of communication to Alistair and myself. We’ll be actively participating, answering questions, creating new content and more. But we also believe a community will grow and people will share and help one another in amazing ways.

So what will be included in the Lean Analytics Backchannel?

On a regular basis, Alistair and I will:

  • Run Q&A events where we unpack startup case studies through live business model development.
  • Share new content, case studies, articles, and benchmarks
  • Interview best-in-class data scientists, analytics practitioners, investors, and growth engineers
  • Conduct weekly public consulting sessions in plain view of the community.

Members will also get:

  • Exclusive access to new slides, decks, diagrams, and more
  • Discounts to relevant startup events
  • A weekly newsletter summarizing the best in startup and analytics content
  • A shared table of the latest baselines and metrics from across the Web

Two more important things:

  • The Lean Analytics Backchannel costs $50/month (or $550 for the year)
  • We’re doing this in true Lean fashion as an experiment. We’ve launched a landing page to take pre-orders. If we hit our threshold of orders then we’ll launch the Backchannel. We’re aiming to launch by early April.

We’re excited about taking Lean Analytics to the next level. There’s so much more to do, learn and share, and we think the Backchannel is a great way of doing it. Along the way we’re going to experiment, learn and iterate–eating our own dog food and sharing our experiences throughout.

If you’re interested, please check out our Lean Analytics Backchannel Pre-order Page and sign-up today!

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