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  1. Lean Analytics en français !

    We’ve seen copies of the Polish and Korean versions of Lean Analytics in the wild, and spoken with a few of the other translators. We’re excited to see the book reach so many new readers. In the meantime, we’ve been doing a bit of translation of our own! Last week, I spoke at Web A Québec, […]

  2. Lean Analytics for Intrapreneurs

    Later today, I’ll be speaking at the Lean Startup conference in San Francisco. It seems like only yesterday that Ben and I first taught a workshop on Lean Analytics, prior to the book’s launch. Since that time, we’ve visited a dozen countries, spoken with hundreds of founders, and found out that it’s being translated into […]

  3. Free Lean Analytics Workshop Now Available

    Some time ago, Alistair and I did a live workshop in the UK, sponsored by the good folks at Geckoboard. That workshop is now available, for free, on Udemy. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/15KWjil. In the workshop you’ll get 2.5+ hours of content, broken up into 7 sections. We cover all the basics of Lean […]

  4. Freemium and the feature/business tension

    Ben pointed out this week in a great post that the key to success for many businesses is to convince users to adopt a tiny, new, addictive behavior. This is essential for the stickiness phase of a company, because it’s what keeps people coming back, and using your product, from which you can then learn […]

  5. How Lean Analytics changed our beta launch strategy

    This is a guest post from Kyle Racki, co-founder of Proposify. He asked to write a blog post about his experience reading Lean Analytics. We were happy to oblige… I finished reading Lean Analytics a few short weeks ago. The timing was good, because I just happen to be launching a startup, and the advice […]

  6. Great feedback about Lean Analytics

    The positive feedback we’ve gotten about Lean Analytics has been awesome. Not everyone thinks the book is great (that’s fine, Alistair and I have thick skin, and we know it’s not perfect!), but for those of you that have read it and shared your feedback with us, thank you. I wanted to share some of […]

  7. Guest post: Vanity Celebrations

    Brydon Gilliss founded the shared office space ThreeFortyNine in Guelph where he plays with Startupify.Me, Ontario Startup Train and 20 Skaters. A serial entrepreneur and fervent community builder, he’s also busy organizing a train-full of founders for this summer’s International Startup Festival. One of the most often-repeated themes from Lean Analytics has been this: If a metric […]

  8. Lean Analytics and Football

    Although Lean Analytics focuses mostly on tech companies, Alistair and I quickly realized while doing our research that the principles and tactics of Lean Analytics apply to many types of businesses. We managed to highlight a few examples in the book, including Solare, a San Diego-based restaurant that uses two key metrics to guide their […]

  9. Lean Analytics Sweepstakes Complete! Big Winner Announced

    The Lean Analytics sweepstakes was a great event with thousands of dollars in prizes from a bunch of great companies. In total we’ll be giving away 56 prizes ranging from t-shirts to a free trip. Prize winners were selected at random. If you won a prize you were notified by Twitter or email, so please […]