Lean Analytics Book


  1. Seven onboarding mistakes you don’t want to make

    Recently, Bayram Annakov of Appintheair wrote to us about how he’d used analytics and Lean approaches to improve his user onboarding, with some pretty dramatic results. He was kind enough to outline them here for all of us. We build great apps, we solve critical problems, and we help our users achieve their goals. But […]

  2. Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

    “To reiterate, the biggest mistake startups make when trying to get traction is failing to pursue traction in parallel with product development.” That’s a great quote from a new book called Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares. It emphasizes something we talk a lot about in Lean Analytics–you […]

  3. Lean Lunch with Move The Needle

    Last year, Ben and I presented a workshop at the International Startup Festival with Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovitz, the co-authors of The Lean Entrepreneur. It was a highlight of the festival for us, and we realized the four of us have a lot in common—and a lot to learn from one another. Fast-forward a […]

  4. Quantitative Interviews: the importance of scoring customer feedback

    Back in December, Roger Huffstetler of Zillabyte contacted us to say he’d applied some of Lean Analytics to his startup, and wanted to fill us in on what happened. At the time, by his own admission, he was “Up to my ass in alligators” But now, a few months later, is his story. I had […]

  5. The Lean Enterprise Experiment Canvas

    This is a guest post from Eric Klaassen of Bloom, a consulting firm that helps companies grow online. We first met Bloom late last year in South Africa, and they’ve been pushing the envelope of applying Lean Startup concepts to big, established companies. The success of the lean start-up methodology is increasingly resonating in large enterprises. […]

  6. Lean Analytics en français !

    We’ve seen copies of the Polish and Korean versions of Lean Analytics in the wild, and spoken with a few of the other translators. We’re excited to see the book reach so many new readers. In the meantime, we’ve been doing a bit of translation of our own! Last week, I spoke at Web A Québec, […]

  7. Lean Analytics for Intrapreneurs

    Later today, I’ll be speaking at the Lean Startup conference in San Francisco. It seems like only yesterday that Ben and I first taught a workshop on Lean Analytics, prior to the book’s launch. Since that time, we’ve visited a dozen countries, spoken with hundreds of founders, and found out that it’s being translated into […]

  8. Free Lean Analytics Workshop Now Available

    Some time ago, Alistair and I did a live workshop in the UK, sponsored by the good folks at Geckoboard. That workshop is now available, for free, on Udemy. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/15KWjil. In the workshop you’ll get 2.5+ hours of content, broken up into 7 sections. We cover all the basics of Lean […]

  9. Freemium and the feature/business tension

    Ben pointed out this week in a great post that the key to success for many businesses is to convince users to adopt a tiny, new, addictive behavior. This is essential for the stickiness phase of a company, because it’s what keeps people coming back, and using your product, from which you can then learn […]